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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2017Amplitude of Tissue Oxygenation Index Change Predicts Cerebral Hyperperfusion Syndrome During Carotid Artery Stenting.Park, Hun Soo; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Yokoyama, Shohei; Motoyama, Yasushi; Park, Young Su; Wada, Takeshi; Kichikawa, Kimihiko; Nakase, Hiroyuki
Jul-2012Carnitine-induced senescence in glioblastoma cells.Yamada, Shuichi; Matsuda, Ryosuke; Nishimura, Fumihiko; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Motoyama, Yasushi; Park, Young-Su; Nakamura, Mitsutoshi; Nakase, Hiroyuki; Ouji, Yukiteru; Yoshikawa, Masahide
31-Aug-2007A CASE OF BOW HUNTER'S STROKE PRESENTING SYNCOPE AS AN INITIAL SYMPTOM WHILE DRJVINGTakeshima, Yasuhiro; Kawata, Kazumro; Imanishi, Kazumi; Kawaguchi, Shoichiro; Tamaki, Ryo; Nakase, Hiroyuki; Sakaki, Toshisuke; Hoshida, Tohru
31-Dec-1990CLINICOPATHOLOGICAL STUDY OF CEREBRAL SUBCORTICAL CAVERNOUS ANGIOMA AS EPILEPTOGENIC FOCUSTsunoda, Shigeru; Sakaki, Toshisuke; Morimoto, Tetsuya; Nakase, Hiroyuki; Hashimoto, Hiroyuki; Goda, Kazuo; Kawai, Shozo; Ohnishi, Hideyuki; Hisanaga, Manabu
22-Dec-2014Comparison between Two Separate Injections and a Single Injection of Double-dose Contrast Medium for Contrast-enhanced MR Imaging of Metastatic Brain Tumors.Ochi, Tomoko; Taoka, Toshiaki; Matsuda, Ryosuke; Sakamoto, Masahiko; Akashi, Toshiaki; Tamamoto, Ttetsuo; Sugimoto, Tadashi; Sakaguchi, Hiroshi; Hasegawa, Masatoshi; Nakase, Hiroyuki; Kichikawa, Kimihiko
28-Mar-2021CRISPR-Cas9-Mediated TIM3 Knockout in Human Natural Killer Cells Enhances Growth Inhibitory Effects on Human Glioma Cells.Morimoto, Takayuki; Nakazawa, Tsutomu; Matsuda, Ryosuke; Nishimura, Fumihiko; Nakamura, Mitsutoshi; Yamada, Shuichi; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Park, Young-Soo; Tsujimura, Takahiro; Nakase, Hiroyuki
Jan-2014Cytotoxic human peripheral blood-derived γδT cells kill glioblastoma cell lines: implications for cell-based immunotherapy for patients with glioblastoma.Nakazawa, Tsutomu; Nakamura, Mitsutoshi; Park, Young Soo; Motoyama, Yasushi; Hironaka, Yasuo; Nishimura, Fumihiko; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Yamada, Shuichi; Matsuda, Ryosuke; Tamura, Kentaro; Sugimoto, Tadashi; Takeshima, Yasuhiro; Marutani, Akiko; Tsujimura, Takahiro; Ouji, Noriko; Ouji, Yukiteru; Yoshikawa, Masahide; Nakase, Hiroyuki
28-Feb-2005DYSPHAGIA CAUSED BY ANTERIOR CERVICAL OSTEOPHYTESNakase, Hiroyuki; Shin, Yasushi; Park, Young-Su; Sakaki, Toshisuke
Oct-2014Effectiveness of a new gelatin sealant system for dural closure.Kawai, Hisashi; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Nishimura, Fumihiko; Motoyama, Yasushi; Park, Young-Su; Nakamura, Mitsutoshi; Nakase, Hiroyuki; Suzuki, Shuko; Ikada, Yoshito
Jun-2022Efficacy of autogenous bone grafts preserved in 80% ethanol solution for preventing surgical site infection after cranioplasty: A retrospective cohort study.Kogeichi, Yohei; Motoyama, Yasushi; Takeshima, Yasuhiro; Matsuda, Ryosuke; Tamura, Kentaro; Nishimura, Fumihiko; Yamada, Shuichi; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Park, Young-Su; Fukushima, Hidetada; Nakase, Hiroyuki
15-Sep-2021Ex Vivo Expanded and Activated Natural Killer Cells Prolong the Overall Survival of Mice with Glioblastoma-like Cell-Derived Tumors.Shida, Yoichi; Nakazawa, Tsutomu; Matsuda, Ryosuke; Morimoto, Takayuki; Nishimura, Fumihiko; Nakamura, Mitsutoshi; Maeoka, Ryosuke; Yamada, Shuichi; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Park, Young-Soo; Yasukawa, Motoaki; Tojo, Takashi; Tsujimura, Takahiro; Nakase, Hiroyuki
6-Mar-2019Ex vivo-expanded highly purified natural killer cells in combination with temozolomide induce antitumor effects in human glioblastoma cells in vitro.Tanaka, Yoshitaka; Nakazawa, Tsutomu; Nakamura, Mitsutoshi; Nishimura, Fumihiko; Matsuda, Ryosuke; Omoto, Koji; Shida, Yoichi; Murakami, Toshiharu; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Motoyama, Yasushi; Morita, Hiromichi; Tsujimura, Takahiro; Nakase, Hiroyuki
Feb-2017Expansion of Stent and Lumen Diameters on Follow-up after Carotid Artery Stenting in Patients with Carotid Artery Stenosis.Fujimoto, Kenta; Hashimoto, Hiroyuki; Nishiguchi, Mitsuhisa; Inui, Toshitaka; Tani, Naoki; Horiuchi, Kaoru; Chatani, Megumi; Matsuoka, Ryuta; Yaegaki, Takahide; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Nakase, Hiroyuki
Mar-2019Expression of peptide transporter 1 has a positive correlation in protoporphyrin IX accumulation induced by 5-aminolevulinic acid with photodynamic detection of non-small cell lung cancer and metastatic brain tumor specimens originating from non-small cell lung cancer.Omoto, Koji; Matsuda, Ryosuke; Nakai, Yasushi; Tatsumi, Yoshihiro; Nakazawa, Tsutomu; Tanaka, Yoshitaka; Shida, Yoichi; Murakami, Toshiharu; Nishimura, Fumihiko; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Motoyama, Yasushi; Nakamura, Mitsutoshi; Fujimoto, Kiyohide; Nakase, Hiroyuki
Dec-2019Feasibility of adjunct facial motor evoked potential monitoring to reduce the number of false-positive results during cervical spine surgery.Matsuoka, Ryuta; Takeshima, Yasuhiro; Hayashi, Hironobu; Takatani, Tsunenori; Nishimura, Fumihiko; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Motoyama, Yasushi; Park, Young-Su; Kawaguchi, Masahiko; Nakase, Hiroyuki
12-Apr-2019Ischemic postconditioning prevents surge of presynaptic glutamate release by activating mitochondrial ATP-dependent potassium channels in the mouse hippocampus.Yokoyama, Shohei; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Ogawa, Yoichi; Morisaki, Yudai; Motoyama, Yasushi; Park, Young Su; Saito, Yasuhiko; Nakase, Hiroyuki
7-Nov-2020Ischemic Postconditioning Reduces NMDA Receptor Currents Through the Opening of the Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore and K ATP Channel in Mouse Neurons.Morisaki, Yudai; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Ogawa, Yoichi; Yokoyama, Shohei; Furuta, Takanori; Saito, Yoshihiko; Nakase, Hiroyuki
Dec-2019Linac-Based Fractionated Stereotactic Radiotherapy with a Micro-Multileaf Collimator for Brainstem Metastasis.Sugimoto, Tadashi; Matsuda, Ryosuke; Tamamoto, Tetsuro; Hontsu, Shigeto; Yamaki, Kaori; Miura, Sachiko; Park, Young-Su; Nakase, Hiroyuki; Hasegawa, Masatoshi
15-Oct-2020Lipid Core Plaque Distribution Using Near-infrared Spectroscopy Is Consistent with Pathological Evaluation in Carotid Artery Plaques.Kotsugi, Masashi; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Hatakeyama, Kinta; Park, HunSoo; Sato, Fumiya; Furuta, Takanori; Nishimura, Fumihiko; Yamada, Shuichi; Motoyama, Yasushi; Park, Young-Soo; Nakase, Hiroyuki
Apr-2022Melatonin-Induced Postconditioning Suppresses NMDA Receptor through Opening of the Mitochondrial Permeability Transition Pore via Melatonin Receptor in Mouse Neurons.Furuta, Takanori; Nakagawa, Ichiro; Yokoyama, Shohei; Morisaki, Yudai; Saito, Yasuhiko; Nakase, Hiroyuki
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