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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2020Assessment of self-/parent-reported quality of life in Japanese children with haemophilia using the Japanese version of KIDSCREEN-52.Furuichi, Yasuko; Nogami, Keiji; Yada, Koji; Nezu, Satoko; Obayashi, Kenji; Saeki, Keigo; Kurumatani, Norio; Nakajima, Mitsuru; Kinoshita, Seiji; Shima, Midori
Dec-2019Association between timing of hot water bathing before bedtime and night-/sleep-time blood pressure and dipping in the elderly: a longitudinal analysis for repeated measurements in home settings.Tai, Yoshiaki; Saeki, Keigo; Yamagami, Yuki; Yoshimoto, Kiyomi; Kurumatani, Norio; Nishio, Kenji; Obayashi, Kenji
Sep-2016Bodily pain, social support, depression symptoms and stroke history are independently associated with sleep disturbance among the elderly: a cross-sectional analysis of the Fujiwara-kyo study.Kishimoto, Yuko; Okamoto, Nozomi; Saeki, Keigo; Tomioka, Kimiko; Obayashi, Kenji; Komatsu, Masayo; Kurumatani, Norio
Jan-2022Fractal dimension in CT low attenuation areas is predictive of long-term oxygen therapy initiation in COPD patients: Results from two observational cohort studies.Ibaraki, Takahiro; Tomoda, Koich; Fujioka, Nobuhiro; Sakaguchi, Kazuhiro; Fujita, Yukio; Yamamoto, Yoshifumi; Hontsu, Shigeto; Yamauchi, Motoo; Yoshikawa, Masanori; Tanabe, Naoya; Tanimura, Kazuya; Sato, Susumu; Saeki, Keigo; Muro, Shigeo
10-May-2014Health-related Quality of Life (HRQOL) Decreases Independently of Chronic Conditions and Geriatric Syndromes in Older Adults With Diabetes: The Fujiwara-kyo Study.Nezu, Satoko; Okamoto, Nozomi; Morikawa, Masayuki; Saeki, Keigo; Obayashi, Kenji; Tomioka, Kimiko; Komatsu, Masayo; Iwamoto, Junko; Kurumatani, Norio
Jun-2016Higher Cognitive Function in Elderly Individuals with Previous Cataract Surgery: Cross-Sectional Association Independent of Visual Acuity in the HEIJO-KYO Cohort.Miyata, Kimie; Obayashi, Kenji; Saeki, Keigo; Tone, Nobuhiro; Tanaka, Kunihiko; Nishi, Tomo; Morikawa, Masayuki; Kurumatani, Norio; Ogata, Nahoko
Nov-2012Positive effect of daylight exposure on nocturnal urinary melatonin excretion in the elderly: a cross-sectional analysis of the HEIJO-KYO study.Obayashi, Kenji; Saeki, Keigo; Iwamoto, Junko; Okamoto, Nozomi; Tomioka, Kimiko; Nezu, Satoko; Ikada, Yoshito; Kurumatani, Norio
3-Oct-2014Risk for lung cancer in workers exposed to benzidine and/or beta-naphthylamine: a protocol for systematic review and meta-analysis.Tomioka, Kimiko; Saeki, Keigo; Obayashi, Kenji; Tanaka, Yuu; Kurumatani, Norio
5-Sep-2016Risk of Lung Cancer in Workers Exposed to Benzidine and/or Beta-Naphthylamine: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis.Tomioka, Kimiko; Saeki, Keigo; Obayashi, Kenji; Kurumatani, Norio
1-Dec-2019The interaction effect between physical and cultural leisure activities on the subsequent decline of instrumental ADL: the Fujiwara-kyo study.Komatsu, Masayo; Obayashi, Kenji; Tomioka, Kimiko; Morikawa, Masayuki; Jojima, Noriko; Okamoto, Nozomi; Kurumatani, Norio; Saeki, Keigo
2011Work-related aggression and violence committed by patients and its psychological influence on doctors.Saeki, Keigo; Okamoto, Nozomi; Tomioka, Kimiko; Obayashi, Kenji; Nishioka, Hisayuki; Ohara, Kenryo; Kurumatani, Norio
30-Apr-2003Work-Related Musculoskeletal Disorders and Associated Factors in Teachers of Physically and Intellectually Disabled PupilsYamamoto, Nobuhiro; Saeki, Keigo; Kurumatani, Norio
31-Dec-2010医療従事者に対する患者暴力の記述疫学佐伯, 圭吾; 車谷, 典男; 岡本, 康幸; 奥地, 一夫
28-Feb-2005血清脂質濃度と脂質関連栄養素摂取量との関連石塚, 理香; 天野, 信子; 岡本, 希; 森田, 徳子; 佐伯, 圭吾; 車谷, 典男
30-Apr-2008口腔衛生習慣と生活機能との関連 : 奈良県御杖村全数調査岡本, 希; 森田, 徳子; 佐伯, 圭吾; 車谷, 典男
Mar-2012就労女性の妊娠判明後の退職行動規定要因に関する疫学研究大原, 賢了; 佐伯, 圭吾; 鴻池, 義純; 岡本, 希; 冨岡, 公子; 西岡, 久之; 車谷, 典男
28-Feb-2003奈良県のがん罹患者数とがん登録精度 2000年奈良県がん登録結果佐伯, 圭吾; 車谷, 典男; 国安, 弘基; 大石, 元; 尾方, 希; 森田, 徳子; 松田, 亮三
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