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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-2020Absolute risk of acute coronary syndrome after severe hypoglycemia: A population-based 2-year cohort study using the National Database in Japan.Nishioka, Yuichi; Okada, Sadanori; Noda, Tatsuya; Myojin, Tomoya; Kubo, Shinichiro; Ohtera, Shosuke; Kato, Genta; Kuroda, Tomohiro; Ishii, Hitoshi; Imamura, Tomoaki
Oct-2021Association between prophylactic antibiotic use for transarterial chemoembolization and occurrence of liver abscess: a retrospective cohort study.Yoshihara, Shingo; Yamana, Hayato; Akahane, Manabu; Kishimoto, Miwa; Nishioka, Yuichi; Noda, Tatsuya; Matsui, Hiroki; Fushimi, Kiyohide; Yasunaga, Hideo; Kasahara, Kei; Imamura, Tomoaki
May-2014Association of Adolescent Smoking with Maternal Smoking.Morikawa, Hideko; Akahane, Manabu; Yamada, Masahiro; Imamura, Tomoaki
Oct-2017Beneficiaries’ Willingness to Pay for Resuscitation Provided by Ambulance Attendants: A Survey Using the Contingent Valuation Approach.Ito, Yukie; Akahane, Manabu; Maeyashiki, Akie; Ogawa, Toshio; Imamura, Tomoaki
14-Sep-2018Benefits of Computed Tomography in Reducing Mortality in Emergency Medicine.Imai, Shinya; Akahane, Manabu; Konishi, Yuto; Imamura, Tomoaki
Nov-2021Comparison of Japanese Centenarians' and Noncentenarians' Medical Expenditures in the Last Year of Life.Nakanishi, Yasuhiro; Tsugihashi, Yukio; Akahane, Manabu; Noda, Tatsuya; Nishioka, Yuichi; Myojin, Tomoya; Kubo, Shinichiro; Higashino, Tsuneyuki; Okuda, Naoko; Robine, Jean-Marie; Imamura, Tomoaki
27-May-2016Development and Application of an Alert System to Detect Cases of Food Poisoning in Japan.Maeyashiki, Akie; Akahane, Manabu; Sugiura, Hiroaki; Ohkusa, Yasushi; Okabe, Nobuhiko; Imamura, Tomoaki
23-Sep-2011Development of a web-based survey for monitoring daily health and its application in an epidemiological surveySugiura, Hiroaki; Ohkusa, Yasushi; Akahane, Manabu; Sano, Tomomi; Okabe, Nobuhiko; Imamura, Tomoaki
Aug-2013Individuals' half-lives for 2,3,4,7,8-penta-chlorodibenzofuran (PeCDF) in blood: correlation with clinical manifestations and laboratory results in subjects with Yusho.Matsumoto, Shinya; Akahane, Manabu; Kanagawa, Yoshiyuki; Kajiwara, Jumboku; Todaka, Takashi; Yasukawa, Fumiko; Uchi, Hiroshi; Furue, Masutaka; Imamura, Tomoaki
11-Sep-2018Influence of Underlying Diseases and Age on the Association between Obesity and All-Cause Mortality in Post-Middle Age.Yoshimoto, Kazuki; Noda, Tatsuya; Imamura, Tomoaki
2013Internet survey of the influence of environmental factors on human health: environmental epidemiologic investigation using the web-based daily questionnaire for health.Sano, Tomomi; Akahane, Manabu; Sugiura, Hiroaki; Ohkusa, Yasushi; Okabe, Nobuhiko; Imamura, Tomoaki
Aug-2016Japanese Consumer Perceptions of Genetically Modified Food: Findings From an International Comparative Study.Komoto, Keiko; Okamoto, Sawako; Hamada, Miki; Obana, Naoya; Samori, Mami; Imamura, Tomoaki
28-Jan-2021Long-term prognosis of enteral feeding and parenteral nutrition in a population aged 75 years and older: a population-based cohort study.Tsugihashi, Yukio; Akahane, Manabu; Nakanishi, Yasuhiro; Myojin, Tomoya; Kubo, Shinichiro; Nishioka, Yuichi; Noda, Tatsuya; Hayashi, Shuichiro; Furihata, Shiori; Higashino, Tsuneyuki; Imamura, Tomoaki
27-Jan-2011Outcomes of chest compression only CPR versus conventional CPR conducted by lay people in patients with out of hospital cardiopulmonary arrest witnessed by bystanders: nationwide population based observational studyOgawa, Toshio; Akahane, Manabu; Koike, Soichi; Tanabe, Seizan; Mizoguchi, Tatsuhiro; Imamura, Tomoaki
Aug-2018Suspected periprosthetic joint infection after total knee arthroplasty under propofol versus sevoflurane anesthesia: a retrospective cohort study.Kishimoto, Miwa; Yamana, Hayato; Inoue, Satoki; Noda, Tatsuya; Akahane, Manabu; Inagaki, Yusuke; Matsui, Hiroki; Yasunaga, Hideo; Kawaguchi, Masahiko; Imamura, Tomoaki
Apr-2022Tracing all patients who received insured dialysis treatment in Japan and the present situation of their number of deaths.Kubo, Shinichiro; Noda, Tatsuya; Myojin, Tomoya; Nishioka, Yuichi; Kanno, Saho; Higashino, Tsuneyuki; Nishimoto, Masatoshi; Eriguchi, Masahiro; Samejima, Kenichi; Tsuruya, Kazuhiko; Imamura, Tomoaki
Mar-2019Variation in fracture risk by season and weather: A comprehensive analysis across age and fracture site using a National Database of Health Insurance Claims in Japan.Hayashi, Shuichiro; Noda, Tatsuya; Kubo, Shinichiro; Myojin, Tomoya; Nishioka, Yuichi; Higashino, Tsuneyuki; Imamura, Tomoaki
Jan-2015看護師の就労継続をエンパワーメントする因子についての研究加藤, 礼識; 伊藤, 雪絵; 吉田, 有希; 水野, 静枝; 御輿, 久美子; 今村, 知明
30-Apr-2012奈良県における市町村別平均寿命と地域特性に関する考察大西, 丈二; 松村, 雅彦; 今村, 知明
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