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Title: C型肝炎ウイルス感染を認めた非ポジキンリンパ腫例および多発性骨髄腫例の検討 : 多施設共同研究の成績
Authors: 吉川, 正英
菊池, 英亮
山尾, 純一
栗山, 茂樹
福居, 健一
藤本, 正男
菊川, 政次
小嶌, 秀之
植村, 正人
松村, 雅彦
高谷, 章
福井, 博
今津, 博雄
浅田, 潔
宮本, 洋二
河田, 充弘
中山, 雅樹
松井, 勉
上田, 重彦
高木, 正博
松本, 昌美
森安, 博人
玉川, 泰浩
米田, 諭
山根, 佳子
岩澤, 秀
中谷, 敏也
西村, 公男
山本, 浩治
美登路, 昭
三村, まゆみ
餅, 忠雄
豊原, 眞久
辻田, 重信
川本, 博
久保, 良一
池中, 康英
松本, 真
石井, 禎暢
山中, 貴世
中野, 博
Keywords: hepatitis C virus
non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
multiple myeloma
Issue Date: 28-Feb-1998
Publisher: 奈良医学会
Citation: 奈良医学雑誌 Vol.49 No.1 p.10-15
Abstract: The HCV infection is considered to sustain B-cell clonal expansion, and the high prevalence of HCV infection in B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (B-NHL) has been reported by several Italian groups. Recently, we also reported the possible linkage between HCV infection and some B-cell proliferative disorders, especially B-NHL and multiple myeloma (MM), in this country. In the present report, we summarize the individual cases with B-NHL or MM, and then give an overview of the association between HCV infection and B-NHL in the world and this country. HCV infection was observed in 9 (16.4%) out of 55 patients with B-NHL, and in 5 (20%) out of 25 patients with MM. The nine HCV- infected patients with B-NHL had either chronic hepatitis (7 patients) or liver cirrhosis (2 patients), and the histologies of B-NHL were all classified as intermediate grade according to the Working Formulation : diffuse large in five patients, diffuse medium in three patients, and diffuse mixed in one patient. The five HCV-infected patients with MM all had cirrhosis. Although a firm agreement about the high prevalence of HCV infection in B- NHL and MM has not been reached, HCV infection seems to play a pathogenic role in some patients with B-cell proliferative disorders in Italy and Japan.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10564/417
ISSN: 04695550
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