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Title: Blood group antigen A on von Willebrand factor is more protective against ADAMTS13 cleavage than antigens B and H.
Other Titles: フォンヴィレブランド因子に存在する血型A抗原は、ADAMTS13による切断に対してB・H抗原よりも抵抗性を示す
Authors: Hayakawa, Masaki
Kato, Seiji
Matsui, Taei
Sakai, Kazuya
Fujimura, Yoshihiro
Matsumoto, Masanori
Keywords: ABO(H) blood group
multimer analysis
shear stress
von Willebrand factor
Issue Date: Jun-2019
Publisher: John Wiley and Sons, Inc.
Citation: Journal of thrombosis and haemostasis Vol.17 No.6 p.975-983 (2019 Jun)
Abstract: BACKGROUND: ADAMTS13 specifically cleaves the peptide bond between Y1605 and M1606 within the VWF-A2 domain. OBJECTIVE: The VWF contains ABO(H) blood group antigens, which may influence the susceptibility of VWF to ADAMTS13. METHODS: Using a unique monoclonal antibody recognizing the Y1605 residue, we have developed a sandwich ELISA to analyze the generation of a VWF-DP by ADAMTS13 quantitatively. RESULTS: Production of VWF-DP after exposure to four different degrees of high shear stress was validated in comparison to the reduction in high-molecular-weight multimers using VWF multimer analysis. In analysis of plasma from 259 healthy individuals, plasma levels of VWF antigen (VWF:Ag) were significantly lower in blood group O than in the other groups and were significantly correlated with plasma VWF-DP levels. The ratio between VWF-DP and VWF:Ag was significantly higher in blood group O than in blood groups A and AB. The ratio in blood group B was also significantly higher than those in A and AB, but did not differ from blood group O. Finally, to examine whether ABO(H) blood group antigens contributed to VWF cleavage, 82 plasma samples were exposed to high shear stress using a cone-plate shear stress inducer. The difference in the VWF-DP/VWF:Ag ratio before and after high shear stress in blood group O was significantly greater than those in groups A and AB. CONCLUSION: These results indicate that blood group antigen A on VWF was more protective against ADAMTS13 cleavage than antigens B and H.
Description: 博士(医学)・乙第1440号・令和元年9月27日
© 2019 International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis
This is the pre-peer reviewed version of the following article: [https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/jth.14444], which has been published in final form at [https://doi.org/10.1111/jth.14444]. This article may be used for non-commercial purposes in accordance with Wiley Terms and Conditions for Use of Self-Archived Versions.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10564/3676
ISSN: 15387933
Academic Degrees and number: 24601B1440
Degree-granting date: 2019-09-27
Degree name: 博士(医学)
Degree-granting institutions: 奈良県立医科大学
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