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Title: TNFα is required for the production of T-type Ca²⁺ channel-dependent long-term potentiation in visual cortex.
Other Titles: 視覚野においてT型Ca²⁺チャネル依存性長期増強を引き起こすためにはTNFαが必要である
Authors: Sugimura, Taketoshi
Yoshimura, Yumiko
Komatsu, Yukio
Keywords: Long-term potentiation
T-type Ca²⁺ channel
Experience-dependent development
Ocular dominance plasticity
Visual cortex
Issue Date: Jul-2015
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Neuroscience research Vol.96 p.37-44 (2015 Jul)
Abstract: Monocular deprivation produces depression and potentiation of visual responses evoked in visual cortical neurons by stimulation of deprived and nondeprived eyes, respectively, during the critical period of ocular dominance plasticity. Our previous studies suggested that T-type Ca²⁺ channel-dependent long-term potentiation (LTP), induced by 2 Hz stimulation, mediates the potentiation of visual responses. However, it was proposed that the experience-dependent response potentiation is mediated by tumor necrosis factor-α (TNFα)-dependent homeostatic synaptic scaling but not by Hebbian synaptic plasticity, because the potentiation was absent in TNFα knockout (TNFα-KO) mice. In this study, we investigated whether TNFα is required for LTP induced by 2 Hz stimulation using visual cortical slices prepared from critical period mice and rats. The production of LTP was prevented by pharmacological blockade of TNFα in rats and mice. LTP production was also prevented by an inhibitor of TNFα-converting enzyme that converts membrane-bound TNFα to soluble TNFα. In TNFα-KO mice, LTP did not occur and was rescued by exogenous soluble TNFα. Soluble TNFα was required for LTP production only during a restricted time window soon after 2 Hz stimulation. These results strengthen the view that T-type Ca²⁺ channel-dependent LTP contributes to the potentiation of nondeprived eye responses following monocular deprivation.
Description: 博士(医学)・乙第1401号・平成29年6月28日
Copyright © 2015 Elsevier Ireland Ltd and the Japan Neuroscience Society. All rights reserved.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10564/3347
ISSN: 01680102
Academic Degrees and number: 24601B1401
Degree-granting date: 2017-06-28
Degree name: 博士(医学)
Degree-granting institutions: 奈良県立医科大学
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