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Title: An elevated ratio of placental growth factor to soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 predicts adverse outcomes in patients with stable coronary artery disease.
Other Titles: 胎盤増殖因子の可溶性Fms様チロシンキナーゼ-1に対する血中濃度比の上昇は安定冠動脈疾患患者における有害事象発症の予測因子である
Authors: Matsumoto, Takaki
Uemura, Shiro
Takeda, Yukiji
Matsui, Masaru
Okada, Sadanori
Nishida, Taku
Soeda, Tsunenari
Okayama, Satoshi
Somekawa, Satoshi
Ishigami, Ken-ichi
Onoue, Kenji
Kawata, Hiroyuki
Kawakami, Rika
Horii, Manabu
Saito, Yoshihiko
Keywords: stable coronary artery disease
placental growth factor
soluble Flt-1
Issue Date: 2013
Publisher: Japanese Society of Internal Medicine
Citation: Internal medicine Vol.52 No.10 p.1019-1027
Abstract: OBJECTIVE: To investigate the predictive values of placental growth factor (PlGF) and its endogenous antagonist, soluble fms-like tyrosine kinase-1 (sFlt-1), for the long-term prognosis of patients with stable coronary artery disease (CAD). Both PlGF and sFlt-1 play important roles in the pathological mechanisms of atherosclerosis. We recently demonstrated that the plasma levels of these molecules are correlated with the severity of coronary atherosclerosis. METHODS: We enrolled 464 patients with stable CAD who consecutively underwent coronary angiography. Baseline blood samples were collected from the femoral artery immediately before coronary angiography (after the administration of 20 units of heparin), and the plasma levels of PlGF and sFlt-1 were measured. A Cox proportional hazard regression analysis was performed to evaluate the relationship between these parameters and the occurrence of all-cause death (ACD) and total cardiovascular events (TCVE) during a median follow-up of 3.3 years. RESULTS: A total of 31 ACDs and 51 TCVEs occurred. Patients with higher PlGF/sFlt-1 ratios (>4.22×10(-2)) had a significantly higher risk of both ACD and TCVE than patients with lower ratios (<4.22×10(-2)) (hazard ratio [HR]: 3.32, 95% confidence interval [CI]: 1.43 to 7.72, p=0.005, and HR: 2.23, 95% CI: 1.23 to 4.03, p=0.008, respectively). A multivariate analysis showed the PlGF/sFlt-1 ratio to be an independent predictor for ACD, but not TCVE.
Description: 博士(医学)・甲615号・平成26年3月17日
発行元の規定により、本文の登録不可。本文は以下のURLを参照 "http://dx.doi.org/10.2169/internalmedicine.52.9073"
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10564/2700
ISSN: 09182918
Academic Degrees and number: 24601A615
Degree-granting date: 2014-03-17
Degree name: 博士(医学)
Degree-granting institutions: 奈良県立医科大学
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