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Title: Distribution of Lenticular Astigmatism in a Pre-Cataract Surgery Population
Authors: Sugie, Yuko
Nawa, Yoshiaki
Ueda, Tetsuo
Kato, Yoshiko
Masuda, Noriko
Hara, Yoshiaki
Keywords: total astigmatism
corneal astigmatism
lenticular astigmatism
with-the-rule astigrlatism
against-the-rule astigmatism
Issue Date: 28-Feb-2003
Publisher: 奈良医学会
Citation: Journal of Nara Medical Association Vol.54 No.1 p.13-16
Abstract: Recently custom ablation of LASIK (laserin situ keratomileusis) has rapidly evolved. It could achieve supervision temporarily, but we suspect that the vision could deteriorate due to against-the rule astigmatism decades after the operation. To clarify this concern, we evaluated distribution of the total and corneal astigmatism of 101 eyes of 65 pre-cataract surgery patients (meanage:73 years). Then we calculated the lenticular astigrlatism by vector analysis. The mean amounts of total and corneal astigmatism were 1.22±1.50D and 0.97±0.84D each. The percentages of no astigmatism: oblique: with-the-rule: against-the-rule were 32: 4: 15: 50 and 7: 28: 26: 40, respectively. The mean amount of lenticular astigrlatism measured by vector analysis was 1.6± 1.4D. The percentage of no astigmatism: oblique: with-the-rule: against-the-rule was 2: 0: 39: 59. This biased distribution of astigmatism might have contributed to the biased distribution (no and against-the-rule) of total astigmatism. These data indicate that in a pre-cataract surgery population against-the-rule astigmatism is predominant in both corneal and lenticular astigmatism. We suspect that custom correction of adolescent eyes, in which with-the-rule astigmatism is predominant, might elicit more against-the-rule astigmatism when they reach pre-cataract surgery age population, leading to a decline in quality of vision.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10564/91
ISSN: 13450069
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