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Title: 就労・母親世代の一般女性の乳がんに対する認識およびその検診の受診行動に影響する要因
Other Titles: The perception of breast cancer and the factors influencing behavior of breast cancer screening in the women of the working and/or mother.
Authors: 田中, 登美
森島, 千都子
Keywords: 就労・母親世代の一般女性
women of the working and/or mother
breast cancer
perception of breast cancer
breast cancer screening
behavior of breast cancer screening
Issue Date: 1-Sep-2020
Publisher: 奈良県立医科大学医学部看護学科
Citation: 奈良県立医科大学医学部看護学科紀要 Vol.16 p.11-20 (2020.09)
Abstract: 【目的】就労・母親世代の一般女性の乳がんに対する認識およびその検診の受診行動に影響する要因を明らかにした。【方法】一般女性を対象としてインタビューを行い、逐語録を作成して意味内容の類似性に従い分類した。【結果】対象者10名は24~36(平均年齢32.3)歳。乳がんに対する認識として、治る病気を自分で見つけることができること、身近な存在の人のがん体験を通してがんのことについて興味をもつことなどが明らかになった。検診受診行動の阻害要因として授乳、情報不足など、促進要因として費用の補助、必要性を実感することがわかった。【考察】検診の利点を認識して定期的に受診行動がとれていた場合においても、妊娠、出産、授乳などのライフイベントで乳がん検診を中断してしまったり、費用や情報不足が受診行動を阻害していた。乳がん検診の啓発活動における課題は、検診による安心感、がん体験者との交流、費用の補助、具体的な情報収集方法などを考慮することが考えられた。
Purpose: The purpose of this study was the perception of breast cancer and the factors influencing behavior of breast cancer screening. Method: Interviews were conducted for women, and verbatim transcripts were prepared and classified according to semantic content similarity. Results: 10 women were between 24 to 36 years old (average age,32.3). Regarding perception of breast cancer, it was clear that it was possible for people to be influenced by having been cured of a disease, and to be interested in cancer through the cancer experience of people close to them. It was found to be necessary to subsidize expenses as a promoting factor, and lack of information were identified as obstacles in the behavior of medical examinations. Conclusions: Even if medical examination were regular and the benefits of them were recoginized,or interrupted by life events such as pregnancy, childbirth, the lactation, cost and lack of information affected medical examination behavior. Problem in breast cancer screening awareness‾raising activities included the need to consider security during examination, interacting with people with the cancer experience, cost subsidies, and the specific information collection method.
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ISSN: 13493884
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