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Title: 青年期女性に対する出産に向けてのプログラムに関する準ランダム化比較試験 : 出産に向けての身体づくりの必要性や出産の選択肢に関する意識・認識への効果
Other Titles: Effectiveness of a childbirth preparation program aiming to raise awareness about the need to prepare physically and to clarify perceptions regarding the options available for childbirth among young women: a quasi-randomized control study.
Authors: 田村, 希未
乾, つぶら
上田, 佳世
五十嵐, 稔子
Keywords: 青年期女性
Adolescent women
quasi-randomized controlled trial
Issue Date: 16-Jul-2019
Publisher: 奈良県立医科大学医学部看護学科
Citation: 奈良県立医科大学医学部看護学科紀要 Vol.15 p.43-53 (2019.07)
Abstract: 【目的】青年期女性に対して、出産に向けての身体づくりの必要性や出産場所、出産方法の選択肢に関するプログラムを行い、出産に対する意識や認識への効果を明らかにする。【方法】18-24歳の女子学生を対象に、準ランダム化比較試験(層別ランダム化)を行った。介入群はパンフレット配布と講義、演習の前後、対照群はパンフレット配布の前後にアンケート調査を行った。評価指標としてVAS(visual analogue scale)を用いた。【結果】出産方法への関心の項目で、介入群が対照群に比べて得点が上昇し、有意差が見られた(f=4.282, p=0.048)。健康に関する項目では、全項目で両群に得点の上昇が見られた。【考察】講義や体験を通して、出産に対する意識や認識に変化が見られたことから、講義や演習が出産への関心を高めるために効果的であると考える。しかし、講義や体験を行うことは、現実的に困難な場合もある。今回、パンフレット配布によっても、意識や認識の変化に効果が見られたため、パンフレット配布も有効な支援と考える。
OBJECTIVES: The aim of the present study was to assess the effectiveness of a childbirth preparation program aiming to raise awareness about the need to prepare physically and to clarify perceptions regarding the options available for childbirth, such as the type and place, among young women. METHODS: The participants in the present quasi-randomized control study (stratified randomization) were female university students aged between 18-24 years. All women in the intervention group were given information leaflets. Questionnaire surveys were administered before and after a lecture and practical training. The women in the control group were asked to complete a questionnaire survey before and after being given the information leaflets. A visual analog scale (VAS) was used for the assessments. RESULTS: The VAS scores for items regarding interest in child delivery methods were significantly increased in the intervention compared with the control group (f=4.282, p=0.048). ln addition, the VAS scores for all questionnaire items related to health increased in both groups. DISCUSSION: Changes were observed in the participants' awareness and perception of childbirth after the lecture and practical experience. These results suggest that childbirth preparation program implemented in the present study was effective for increasing interest towards childbirth. However, in reality, offering lectures and practical training may be difficult at times. Therefore, distributing information leaflets may be useful for improving awareness and perceptions about childbirth.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10564/3578
ISSN: 13493884
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