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Title: 通所型介護予防事業(懐メロを用いたグループ回想法)への参加および継続のモチベーションとその要因に関する研究
Other Titles: Study on Motivation and Motivational Factors that Influence Beginning and Continuation of Participation in Outpatient-Type Care Prevention Service (Group Reminiscence Method Using Nostalgic Songs)
Authors: 木村, 満夫
軸丸, 清子
Issue Date: 25-Jun-2018
Publisher: 奈良県立医科大学医学部看護学科
Citation: 奈良県立医科大学医学部看護学科紀要 Vol.14 p.8-18 (2018.06)
Abstract: A村の通所型介護予防事業として行った懐メロを用いたグループ回想法(以下、懐メロ回想法という)への参加および継続のモチベーションとその要因を明らかにする。方法: 懐メロ回想法に最後まで参加した11人に半構造化面接を行い、質的記述的に分析した。結果: 懐メロ回想法への参加および継続のモチベーションは、研究対象者の【集団活動への参加願望】や【達成意欲】が原動力となり、人的・物理的環境との相互作用によつて生起・進展し、セッションでの【新鮮味を感じる】【心地よさを感じる】といった快の体験、セッションで生じた【仲間との絆】【懐メロ回想法への愛着】にともなう期待によって高まっていた。結論: 通所型介護予防事業への参加促進のためには、地域在住の後期高齢者が持つ潜在的な社会参加への願望や目標達成への意欲が、対象事業への参加および継続へと向かうように、人的・物理的環境を整備することが重要である。
Purpose: This study aimed to clarify the motivation and motivational factors that lnfluence the beginning and continuation of participation in outpatient-type care prevention service with group reminiscence method using nostalgic songs (hereinafter referred to as natumero-kaisouhou) in Village A. Method: We conducted semi-structured interviews with 11 individuals who participated from the beginning to end of natumero-kaisouhou. A qualitative and descriptive research design was used for assessment. Result: Motivation to begin and continue participation in natumero-kaisouhou involved the participant's [desire to participate in group activities] and [will to achieve], which had become the driving force. The motivation had occurred and progressed because of interaction with the human/physical environment, and had increased with pleasant experiences such as [feeling of freshness] and [feeling of comfort] and expectations associated with [bonds with friends] and [attachment to natumero-kaisouhou] generated through sessions. Conclusion: In order to promote participation in outpatient-type care prevention services, it is important to prepare the human/physical environment so that the potential will possessed by community dwelling late elderly to participate in the society and to achieve their goals motivates them to begin and continue participation in the target service.
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10564/3479
ISSN: 13493884
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