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Title: Influence of mouth guards on autonomic nervous system activities: A quantitative study of pupillary flash responses.
Other Titles: マウスガードの自律神経活動への影響 : 瞳孔フラッシュ応答による定量的評価
Authors: Ishida, Jun-ichi
Wada, Yoshiro
Imai, Yuichiro
Hirata, Yutaka
Yamashita, Masayuki
Kirita, Tadaaki
Keywords: Mouth guards
Autonomic nervous system
Pupillary flash responses
Unpleasant sensations
Sports injuries
Issue Date: Nov-2012
Publisher: Japanese Stomatological Society / Elsevier
Citation: Oral Science International Vol.9 No.2 p.38-42
Abstract: Background:Recently, it has been reported that mouth guards (MGs), which reduce the incidence and severity of traumatic oral injuries in contact sports, may actually affect sports performance. We have observed that a majority of subjects showed improved dynamic visual acuity during head rotation when using a MG, but subjects who were unwilling to use a MG showed the opposite effect. Thus, we hypothesized that unpleasant sensations due to MGs may decrease sports performance.Methods:In this study, we measured autonomic nervous system activity to evaluate unpleasant sensations objectively and quantitatively by measuring the pupillary flash response (PFR) and heart rate variability (HRV), before, during, and after wearing 3- and 5-mm-thick custom-made MGs in 10 healthy subjects.Results:It was found that the 5-mm MG had a higher incidence of unpleasant sensations (50% of subjects) than did the 3-mm MG (10%). PFR (not HRV) analysis showed that both sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system activities increased in subjects with unpleasant sensations.Conclusions:We suggest that the unpleasant sensation induced this unusual autonomic nervous system response, which could not be detected by traditional methods such as HRV analysis. By using PFR analysis, it is possible to make MGs without unpleasant sensations for better sports performance.
Description: 博士(医学)・乙第1306号・平成24年11月27日
Copyright © 2012 Japanese Stomatological Society. Published by Elsevier Japan KK
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10564/2786
ISSN: 13488643
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