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Title: 病理解剖に関するアンケート調査結果と剖検に関する一考察
Authors: 野々村, 昭孝
笠井, 孝彦
榎本, 泰典
武田, 麻衣子
田村, 智美
中峯, 寛和
堤, 幹宏
Keywords: autopsy rate
autopsy time schedule
complete autopsy
limited autopsy
Issue Date: 31-Dec-2006
Publisher: 奈良医学会
Citation: Journal of Nara Medical Association Vol.57 No.6 p.175-184
Abstract: The rate of autopsies of patients dying in hospital has now decreased not only in Japan but also in the United States and European countries. Nara Medical University Hospital now averages an autopsy rate of about 10% for the last several years. We sent out a questionnaire on autopsy to all 80 Medical University Hospitals in Japan, and received replies from 65 University Hospitals (81%). Autopsy time schedule, number of participant pathologists and autopsy assistants were very variable from hospital to hospital. Autopsy time schedules of the hospitals were classified into four groups. Seven university hospitals have performed autopsy on business time schedules only, eleven hospitals on business time schedules including Saturdays, forty hospitals on daytime schedules irrespective of off-days and holidays, and the remaining seven hospitals on 24-hour schedules. However, the most interesting point was that the mean autopsy rate was not fundamentally different in the 4 groups with different autopsy time schedules, that is; 16.3%, 19.7%, 16.4%, and 18.9%, respectively. The number of pathologists and, especially, autopsy assistants is insufficient to establish a 24-hour autopsy system at present in Nara Medical University Hospital. Cooperation with clinicians and reconsideration of the allotted jobs of paramedical technologists in the university hospital are indispensable to perform autopsies on a 24-hour schedule system in our university hospital. When it is not possible to perform a complete autopsy, less invasive or non-invasive alternatives to the complete autopsy, such as limited autopsy, needle autopsy, endoscopic autopsy, and autopsy imagings using CT and/or MRI, may be valqable tools capable of answering specific questions in situations.
Description: 時間外病理解剖のあり方を考えるワーキンググループ 小西登(病理病態学),笹平智則(分子病理学),野々村昭孝(委員長,病理診断学),笠井孝彦(病理診断学),齋藤 能彦(循環器・腎臓・代謝内科),森井武志(呼吸器・血液内科),吉治仁志(消化器・内分泌代謝内科),川原誠(神 経内科),成清道博(消化器・一般外科,小児外科),三島秀明(脳神経外科),長阪重雄(心臓血管外科,呼吸器外 科),西尾健治(救急科),前田光一(総合診療科),丹羽欣正(中央臨床検:査部),西久保敏也(周産期医療センター), 池寛子(病院病理部),古西満(感染症センター),米田淳平(病院管理課)
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/10564/271
ISSN: 13450069
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